Morningstar Indekser

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1 år
3 år
5 år
Morningstar Agriculture Cmdty TR USD0,24-4,17-4,49-2,582019-02-22
Morningstar Australasian Bd TR USD2,617,153,457,992019-02-22
Morningstar Canadian Bd TR CAD3,709,741,796,142019-02-22
Morningstar DM Europe 100 GR EUR8,332,727,667,512019-02-22
Morningstar EM Composite Bd TR USD3,2812,496,0012,202019-02-22
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR USD2,8712,696,7012,062019-02-22
Morningstar EM Sovereign Bd TR USD4,1512,065,6012,762019-02-22
Morningstar Energy Cmdty TR USD22,2914,2116,74-8,572019-02-22
Morningstar Eurobond Corp TR EUR0,351,723,105,862019-02-22
Morningstar Euro Bank Capital TR EUR-0,081,033,265,712019-02-22
Morningstar Euro Covered Bd TR LCL---  
Morningstar Euro Gov Infl Lkd TR EUR-1,25-0,152,285,732019-02-22
Morningstar Eurozone 50 GR EUR7,77-2,318,157,822019-02-22
Morningstar Eurozone Bd TR EUR-0,463,122,186,792019-02-22
Morningstar Gbl Gov Bd TR USD-0,057,801,487,782019-02-22
Morningstar Gbl xUS Gov Bd TR USD-0,015,581,917,272019-02-22
Morningstar Japanese Bd TR JPY-0,697,221,727,982019-02-22
Morningstar Livestock Cmdty TR USD-2,281,820,625,252019-02-22
Morningstar Lng/Flt Cmdty TR USD1,156,06-1,714,022019-02-22
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty ER USD0,106,37-3,674,012019-02-22
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty TR USD0,458,51-2,604,712019-02-22
Morningstar Lng-Only Cmdty TR USD11,218,126,96-3,102019-02-22
Morningstar Metals Cmdty TR USD4,745,002,814,492019-02-22
Morningstar Shrt/Flt Cmdty TR USD-9,328,52-2,077,092019-02-22
Morningstar Shrt-Only Cmdty TR USD-10,4310,60-8,2215,342019-02-22
Morningstar Swiss Bd TR CHF-0,876,96-0,177,772019-02-22
Morningstar UK Bank Capital TR GBP4,183,513,047,152019-02-22
Morningstar UK Bd TR GBP3,736,980,497,582019-02-22
Morningstar UK Eurobond Corp TR GBP4,634,963,177,862019-02-22
Morningstar UK Gov Infl Lkd TR GBP4,697,935,3611,202019-02-22
Morningstar US Core Bd TR USD0,6313,251,899,962019-02-22
Morningstar US Core TR EUR11,8312,1414,2718,092019-02-22
Morningstar US Growth TR EUR14,0819,8818,8720,732019-02-22
Morningstar US Large Cap TR EUR10,4315,0615,4419,222019-02-22
Morningstar US Large Core TR EUR10,0610,9714,1318,582019-02-22
Morningstar US Large Growth TR EUR12,1319,2018,7121,802019-02-22
Morningstar US Large Val TR EUR9,2714,1313,0917,042019-02-22
Morningstar US Market TR EUR11,9415,3115,5618,612019-02-22
Morningstar US Market TR GBP11,9415,3115,5618,612019-02-22
Morningstar US Market TR USD11,9415,3115,5618,612019-02-22
Morningstar US Mid Cap TR EUR15,5916,1615,7717,362019-02-22
Morningstar US Mid Core PR EUR15,8812,7012,1815,042019-02-22
Morningstar US Mid Core TR EUR16,1114,5714,1617,022019-02-22
Morningstar US Mid Growth TR EUR17,1421,0818,9117,812019-02-22
Morningstar US Mid Val TR EUR13,3612,6914,1417,182019-02-22
Morningstar US Small Cap TR EUR17,6215,0616,2315,662019-02-22
Morningstar US Small Core TR EUR16,9812,9914,6015,532019-02-22
Morningstar US Small Growth TR EUR19,1321,4520,6117,222019-02-22
Morningstar US Small Val TR EUR16,9311,2013,5714,172019-02-22
Morningstar US Value TR EUR10,5113,7113,3716,912019-02-22
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