Investing with ETFs: Finland & Denmark

There are few opportunities for investing in Finland and Denmark via ETFs, with only one listed ETF in Finland and none in Denmark

Hortense Bioy, CFA 30.11.2010 | 12.08
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Seligson OMX Helsinki 25 Indeks is the only ETF that gives investors exposure to the Finnish market. The top sector exposures include industrials (26.7%), materials (16.9%) and financials (15.5%). The Finnish benchmark is comprised of internationally-known equities like Nokia (NOK1V) (9.6%), TeliaSonera (TLS1V) and Nordea Bank. The maximum weight of any one company is limited to 10%, which makes the index (and hence, the fund) well-diversified from the perspective of individual names.

Unfortunately for investors seeking to make a play on Denmark, there is no existing pure-play ETF option. To gain exposure to the Danish market, investors would have to invest in an ETF tracking a pan-Nordic benchmark.

Les også om svenske, norske, nordiske og en oversiktsartikkel (norsk tekst).

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