The Week Ahead: Intel, Amazon, and Alphabet Report

Earning season rolls on this week.

Jeremy Glaser 22.10.2018 | 11.03
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Jeremy Glaser: Earning season rolls on this week.

Intel is one of our top stock picks as analyst Abhinav Davuluri thinks concerns about the firm's competitive positioning are overblown. He thinks rival AMD could capture some share at the lower end of the market, but not to the extent that is priced into the shares price today. Results are due Thursday.

Also reporting on Thursday is Amazon. Last quarter, the firm had great results, and analyst R.J. Hottovy saw signs in advertising, AWS, Prime Engagement, and third-party selling that reinforced his view of the firm's cash flow potential. He sees shares as undervalued.

Ali Mogharabi thinks Google parent Alphabet is fairly valued heading into earnings. The wide-moat firm has been performing well, but we think that is fully accounted for in the market price.

Morningstar sees communication services as the most undervalued sector, and Verizon and AT&T are both trading at a discount ahead of their earnings reports.

Other reports include Chipotle and McDonald's, Boeing, Ford, Visa, and 3M.

The advance reading of third-quarter GDP is the major economic data release on tap.

Stay tuned for our take on these stories.

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Navn på verdipapirPrisEndring (%)Morningstar Rating
Alphabet Inc Class A157,73 USD-1,05Rating Inc186,13 USD-1,54Rating
Intel Corp35,69 USD-5,16Rating

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