Hvorfor er Shell så billig?

Vi tar en titt på Royal Dutch Shell som har 5 stjerner i Morningstar aksjerating.

James Gard 16.06.2021 | 8:03
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James Gard: Today I want to talk about one of the most undervalued U.K. companies in the Morningstar universe Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA). The oil giant got caught up in the pandemic crash as oil prices went negative cutting it's dividend for the first time since World War II.

With the drive towards all things ESG Shell might seem like a relic of the old economy especially with electric vehicles rapidly replacing petrol and diesel cars on the roads. To make matters worse Shell just lost a legal case in the Netherlands, where a court ordered the firm to cut emissions 45% over the next 10 years. But we think Shell will benefit from the oil price rebound as global lockdowns end and is stepping up its investment in renewable energy which stands it in good stead for the future.

We assigned Shell a Narrow moat rating and a fair value of GBP22.50 a share that makes today's share price of GBP13 look cheap. Not to mention the fact that it yields more than FTSE 100.

From Morningstar I am James Gard.

T.O.: Redigert den 25.06.2021. Følgende informasjon lagt til: Shell ble nylig nedgradert av Morningstar

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